Personal Tax

In addition to the provision of tax compliant Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSAs) submissions following the guidelines set by HMRC, Crystal Tax reviews all clients’ records & circumstances to establish if they are entitled to any additional tax rebates.

Crystal Tax can work on a no win, no fee basis for tax rebates, so why not call today on 020 7836 9090 or email your details to & it will be our pleasure to contact you to quickly establish what tax rebate you are entitled to.


CIS Tax Rebates

HMRC expects you to keep business records such as receipts, invoices, bank statements & mileage logs, the provision of such to Crystal Tax will generate a CIS Tax Rebate on average of £2500.

If you have failed to submit a self-assessment(s), we can also appeal any penalties imposed by HMRC if you can provide a reasonable excuse as to why & or why tax was not paid on time, often creating backdated CIS Tax Rebates of £10000+.


VAT Rebates

If your business turns over less than the mandatory VAT registration threshold, there is often still great advantage in registering for VAT voluntarily; it not only improves cash flow & professionalism, you can then also reclaim VAT on business expenses, increasing profits on average by £2500 per year.

Crystal Tax can also liaise with your current & previous engagers to reclaim all of the VAT on your business expenses going back up to four years, generating on average an initial VAT reclaim of £10000+.


PAYE Tax Rebates

If you are or have been employed & have incurred business expenses e.g. mileage, public transport, subsistence, accommodation, mobile phone & laundry whilst working at, or travelling to & from a temporary workplace(s), which have not been reimbursed by your employer, Crystal Tax can obtain for you a tax rebate of on average £1500 per year.

If you have been operating as above for the past 4 years, should you supply us with your business records, Crystal Tax can retrospectively reclaim tax relief on your business expenditure generating backdated PAYE Tax Rebates of £6000+.