Corporate Tax

Crystal Tax employed or sole trader clients who go limited not only benefit from enhanced tax planning but also the limitation of their liability & client kudos; most businesses prefer to trade with UK registered limited companies.

You may be currently employed or a small to medium enterprise sole trade wishing to incorporate, or you may already be incorporated & are looking to change your Corporate Tax Agent; either way Crystal Tax is in a good position to offer you a fully informed perspective on how to move forward.


Our specialists will review the finances of your enterprise to assess the viability of incorporating, & if it makes sense with regards to your circumstances generally, they will send you a bespoke report featuring a detailed financial breakdown, with a corporate structure to suit your specific requirements.

So call Crystal Tax today on 020 7836 9090 or feel free to email us your details to & it will be our pleasure to quickly establish if going limited will benefit your business.



Crystal Tax's standard Limited Company service includes:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Business Bank Account & Insurances
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Compliance
  • Invoicing & Credit Control
  • Director Payroll
  • Employee Payroll
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Confirmation Statements
  • VAT Administration & Self-Assessment

Real Time Data Analysis

Should you supply us with your company’s turnover & expenditure, Crystal Tax will not only produce for you weekly, monthly or quarterly Director Payroll & or management accounts – illustrating to you shareholder funds for distribution, but our realtime data

analysis systems will also identify at any stage throughout the financial year your company’s & personal tax liabilities, & that of your employees & shareholders, allowing you to tax plan before the year end.


Tax Planning & Wealth Management

Crystal Tax will initially review your current circumstances to identify areas where either profits can be increased & or cost savings can be made with a view to allocating such additional funds into investments where funds, interest & capital or value can be accumulated & compounded, planning to increase your net worth well above that of inflation year on year. If your business is profitable & provides profit surplus to your immediate

financial needs & forecasts indicate it will continue to do so, Crystal Tax can review your particular circumstances & in most cases, illustrate to you a trading structure which will best manage your excess profit & as far as is possible provide for your future & if applicable, that of your family & others with whom you have close relations.